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Lash Extensions

Classic extensions are carefully attached to your existing lashes to give you more length & volume , without the daily hassle of mascara. 

For even more dramatic lashes. Full Volume lashes are now available.

See our full list of prices below!


Lash Extensions

Lash Extension Pricing


New Lash Set

(approx. 2hr 15 minute service)

*New Clients Please Call To Set First Appointment -

Deposit Is Required*

Classic -  $160

Volume Hybrid -  $180

Full Volume - $200

Lash Refills

*Refills for third-party lashes are an additional $20*

To ensure good results, existing lashes must be in good condition and have 50% or more retention or they will need to be removed and a full set will need to be purchased.

2 week fill

(7-14 days since last service)


Classic - $54+

Hybrid - $60+

Volume - $66+

3 week fill

(15-21 days after last service)

Classic- $64+

Hybrid - $70+

Volume - $77+

4 week fill

(21-28 days after last service)


Classic- $74+

Hybrid - $80+

Volume - $88+

Lash Extension Removal - $40

+Refill times cover typical lash loss, excessive loss may require additional time and price tier. 

Like natural lashes, some shedding will occur. 

Loss can be accelerated by improper care. Care instructions will be provided at time of service.

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